Podcast Production

Posted by
Bryan Alexandros
Published on
June 8, 2023
Professional Podcasting

Professionally produced podcasts to enhance your brand and authority

Podcasts are critical in any B2B marketing strategy. However, they’re often tough to produce in-house.

They require specialized equipment and hours of post-production.  

However, the value of a complete podcast can be immense.

Zynolabs' 360 approach to podcasting also differs. We know that a professional podcast needs to be an active part of your marketing strategy; podcasts are not a passive asset.

Zynolabs provides a turn-key, end-to-end solution for podcast production and marketing. We produce podcasts with news/interview combinations to engage your audiences. Our professionally-produced podcasts can help feature interviews with experts, professionals, and thought leaders to help your company deliver value and establish authority over your competitors.

The Challenge

Skylance Intelligencer first began as a newsletter. 

Over several issues, there was an uptick in readership but also user feedback that the newsletter was highly valuable, but too long to read and consume.

The Solution

Zynolabs produced a professional-grade podcast that showcased news from Technology Strategy and Policy, Artificial Intelligence, Critical Minerals, Quantum, Advanced Aerospace Technology, Semiconductors and Microelectronics, Energy, with an emphasis on executive strategy.

Zynolabs also designed the graphical elements like podcast covers to stand out over other podcasts on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts.

Listen to the result.

Skylance Intelligencer Podcast Design

Zynolabs guided Skylance in sourcing relevant content, scriptwriting, and recording:

  • The podcast brings more value, catering to listener preferences that were unaddressed before.
  • Video snippets were also created for social media posts to enhance Skylance's online presence.
  • Podcast episodes continue to be uploaded to major outlets.
  • And all descriptions and show notes were properly infused with SEO so that it is easily found and indexed online.

There is no industry that is too niche. Let Zynolabs help you:

  • Source content
  • Generate ideas
  • Structure your scriptwriting
  • And produce a podcast that makes sense for your brand.


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